Photo by Michael Gill
Bounty-Pitcairn Conference 2012 Commemorative Covers

Cover type "A":

Cover type "B" (with the signature of one of the Pitcairn Islanders who attended BPC 2012):


To order a BPC 2012 commemorative cover, please email or send a letter.  Make sure you provide your postal address and specify which cover type(s) you'd like

For either of the cover types above, the postpaid prices are:


For one cover only:
     US$4.00 to the U. S.
     US$6.00 to anywhere else in the world. 

For two covers:
     US$6.00 to the U. S.
     US$7.00 to anywhere else in the world. 

For a set of five covers (one with an Angwin cancellation and the others with signatures of various islanders who attended BPC 2012):
     US$26.00 to the U. S.
     US$28.00 to anywhere else in the world. 

Since only a very few sets of five covers are available, please contact before paying.


Payment may be made without surcharge via PayPal to or by check payable to "Steve Pendleton" sent to the address below: 

Steve Pendleton
3006 Mary Avenue
Visalia, CA 93277-6047





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Last updated October 10, 2012

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